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Hello world!

My vessel at anchor

Welcome to the Island of Tortuga, dear folks!

This is an island of freedom and free ideas. Everybody is invited to speak out their feelings and thoughts. The only requirement is RESPECT for other cultures and other people.

My vessel is now moored in the island for the next few months, and she will stay until winds and currents are favourable for good navigation.

Just few info about this blog.
I strongly wish is this blog to be read and partecipated by international and national folks. Therefore, I’ll try to write in english as much as I can. Nevertheless, for strictly “italian” issues, for the sake of my co-citizens comprehencion, I will seldomly write in italian as well. The best option for me is to write double language. Will see if it works….

Please be patient for I have to collect the first ideas to write down for you.
Will be back soon!

Best Regards,
Captain Blood

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