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Mr Obama and the UFOs

Here we go again.
Whenever there is a new President of USA, the same question is asked: to finally reveal the truth about UFO. There is an insisting internet-shouting tam tam which claims that President Obama will reveal the secrets of the X-Files on 27th november 2009 !
Is it a fake? Or a life-time event?
I do not know. What I know is that the world is now DEFINITELY ready to learn such secrets, if any. The presence of alien visitors would be saluted as a GREAT development opportunity for mankind. There would be no fear at all, I believe. Personally, I would shake their hands (antennas, paws…whatever) with no problem. As an airline pilot, I’d love to try their vehicles and fly to Mars or Jupiter, or even further…
Our jet airplanes are toys, compared to their spacecraft.
So, can’t wait for 27th november! Go ahead Mr Obama, tell us !
  1. Antony
    19 novembre 2009 alle 4:50 pm

    I wonder if they use a Linux-based operating system on their ships

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